Welcome to the website to celebrate Jose's 40th (Saturday 5th November 2005), although the actual date is 7th November 2005!!!
From the site you can RVSP (assuming you got invited), check out the band, book a fishing trip on Major Tom II, find out how to get to the party and find out what's happening etc.  Enjoy the site and watch out for the gallery after the event.
For all of those you who thought I was already on the wrong side of 40, shame on you.  Your only as young as the woman you feel and Sally's 36. 
There's a website for our bach http://www.privatehouse.co.nz/ if you need to know more about the place, more about the area, things to do etc.
For those of you wondering who the young guy on the top right is, it's a guy who's 17 years old, 11.5 stone, running in the All-England Championships at 400m hurdles, was fit and had numerous track records and differing age groups and events, multiple honours for representative rugby, as well as championship swimmer, not to mention amateur welterweight boxer, whose sparring partner (Chris Pyatt) went on to become world champion at light heavyweight.  At the age of 17 during the 1982 Soccer World Cup in Spain he disovered beer and the rest they say is history.